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If you've been in your house for a while, chances are you may need help organizing some of your most used spaces. Once you're organized, you'll want to stay organized. With new organization systems in place, you'll find it much easier. And we're here to help whenever you need us.


BEFORE: This home office was drowning in paper.



AFTER: I rearranged the furniture, filed the papers and created a system to keep it organized.


BEFORE: When utensils are tossed into a drawer you risk damaging them. Additionally, it's hard to find what you need when you need it.


AFTER: Adding the proper dividers and grouping tools into like categories, creates drawers that are easy to use and easy to keep up.


BEFORE: A "spare room" that got totally out of hand when everything that the homeowner's didn't know what to do with landed in here. For years they dreamed of using this room for guests and sewing...



AFTER: We sorted through the mountains of "stuff", donating most of it to charity. When the room was cleared, it was painted, carpeted and a built in bookcase/craft desk was added. What was left from the initial clean out got put into the cabinets and drawers and the room was set up for a grandchild to spend the night.


BEFORE: This couple had a small home that they were totally frustrated with. On the day I walked into this house, I was greeted by this oversized, faded blue sofa, backed by minty green walls, facing a giant TV set. The runner on the floor created a "run way" right down the center of the living area.


AFTER: A complete home transformation — now when you enter, you are greeted by a cozy reading area and beautiful bookcase. I worked with the homeowner's to determine what it was they wanted and then helped them select the items and paint that would get them to their goal - a warm, friendly, cozy, comfortable and happy home!


BEFORE: All the living room furniture faced away from the focal point of the room—the fireplace. There is nothing that invites people to enjoy this space.


AFTER: New paint, some new pieces of furniture and some reupholstered pieces, created this comfortable conversation area next to the fireplace. An area rug anchors the room.


BEFORE: A dining room with a built in bookcase. The room was cluttered with papers and the bookcase was not properly utilized as the main display area of the house.


AFTER: The papers are filed in a new cabinet in another part of the house. The bookcase has been transformed to show off the lovely collection of tea sets and their favorite books.


BEFORE: This kitchen pantry is under utilized, as well as disorganized.


AFTER: The pantry is now completely devoted to food. Organizing supplies have been added to keep like items together. Now the homeowners will know what food supplies are on hand, be able to find them and know where to put things after shopping trips.


BEFORE: A master bedroom closet with no where to hang clothes. Instead of a clothes closet, it was being used to store "stuff".


AFTER: I designed and installed this Elfa system from The Container Store. Now there is a place for everything — a shoe section, a space for hanging clothes, pull-outs for folded items and even shelving for the books.


BEFORE: Often when people are busy working they don't have time to keep up their supply closets.


AFTER: We sorted, containerized and found the right places to store supplies. Labeling boxes and shelves gives everyone a heads up about where things should go.


BEFORE: This home office desk has been rendered unusable.


AFTER: We sorted, filed and found the right organizing supplies to hold pending projects. Now our user has the space to work and knows where everything should go.

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