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We know how unsettling it is to move. You've been dreaming of living in your new house, but not living with boxes and wondering where things should go.


BEFORE: Getting this condo ready for sale. First we sorted through all the clutter, discarded the garbage and packed the valuables for storage.


AFTER: Buried under all the clutter was some of the furniture I used for staging this condo for sale. It sold shortly after going on the market and for over the asking price.


BEFORE: This beautiful East Bay home was going on the market. The agents called me in to stage it.


AFTER: I pulled the room together by editing what had been in it and moving the furniture away from the walls and windows. This home sold within days of going on the market.


BEFORE: A library/family room waits to be unpacked.


AFTER: While our family is at work and school, we unpacked their library and arranged this lovely area.


BEFORE: Our ATH team carefully packs this beautiful collection of ceramic pieces.


AFTER: The moving boxes are packed, labeled and ready for the movers.


BEFORE: Our ATH team measures each shelf for lining before the put away.


AFTER: This bright and open kitchen is unpacked, organized and ready for use.


BEFORE: An ATH team member unpacking a lovely Marin home.


AFTER: Within hours this kitchen and eating area are ready for a meal to be prepared and served.

BEFORE: Unpacking and organizing a master closet.  

AFTER: In short order the closet is completed. Everything is neatly hung, folded and in place.


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