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Keep what you love and need. Let go of what no longer serves you. If you need to move or streamline your possessions we can help.



BEFORE: I mapped out a furniture floor plan in this senior living apartment so that my client could get an idea of where the furniture would go in the room.


AFTER: I helped my client choose the best of her furniture and accessories to create this lovely apartment living room. I also assisted her with purchasing the entertainment center and bookcases.


BEFORE: My client rests in her new apartment on move in day.


AFTER: By the end of the day, everything is just where she wants it... including her lovely art collection.


BEFORE: Waiting for all the furniture to arrive so I can do the proper arrangements.


AFTER: I created this cozy sleeping area in one corner of her studio apartment.

BEFORE: My client is moving into the Stratford's one bedroom — this is the living room as I took the measurements.   AFTER: I created this lovely living space, placing furniture to take advantage of the beautiful court yard view from her window.
BEFORE: The empty bedroom.   AFTER: Her lovely and comfortable bedroom ready on the first night.
BEFORE: I managed this couple's move from independent living to assisted living in Piedmont Gardens. Here's their bedroom as the furniture is put into place.   AFTER: They were concerned that their new unit would not feel like a real home, but they were thrilled when they saw what I was able to do.
BEFORE: Supervising the moving team — their old TV stand did not make it through the move, so I decided to use a desk they already had. This worked beautifully. My client said "I would never had thought of that!".   AFTER: My clients relaxing in their lovely new living room within hours of their move in.

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