Getting rid of albums…

“What should I do with all my albums?” And we’re not talking about photos, we’re talking about those vinyl record collections that many of us, of a certain age, still have in the back of the closet.  Usually kept in milk crates, they weigh a ton, require shelf space larger than most bookcases and they don’t fit in small moving boxes, even though they look like they should.  They’ve been carted around for decades and now they have to go…

It’s possible that some of your collection has a value to a collector – either for the music, or the cover art and/or liner notes.  But what condition is your collection in?  You won’t get much if the covers are worn, torn and moldy or if the vinyl is unplayable.

Check with Record Collectors Guild International or Gold Mind Magazine.  Check with Amazon and EBAY to see what others are selling their copies for.

Try local record stores in large cities.  In the bay area, Amoeba and Aquarius Records still buy some LP’s.

Put it on Craig’s List or have a garage sale.  Giving albums away is not as easy as you think… many charities don’t even take them.

Unfortunately, in most areas, there is no recycling of the vinyl itself.  The trash is the only alternative, while the covers could go into cardboard recycling.

Now, about those old turntables…

One comment on "Getting rid of albums…"

  • Ruth Stroup says:

    Hi Gayle – Great post. Here's how we handled it. We made album boxes in the walls so hubby can display favorites. Each box holds 8-10 albums so he kept 40 "must have" records/covers. We don't even have a turntable – but I'm glad to have a sentimental spouse who doesn't "throw away" memories.

    Ruth Stroup