Life on the balcony…using artificial plants

My little condo has a little balcony, which I love.  Sitting outside on a Sunday afternoon, reading a new cookbook with a cat on my lap, is my idea of a good day.

My balcony of artificial plants.


Recently, I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my balcony decor. I have a nice small set of teak chairs and matching table, and a baker’s stand that holds plants and a fountain.

This stand is actually full of artificial plants, grape ivies and a garland of fake leaves draped over the top.

It all looked great for the first couple of years, but now it just looks cluttered and tired.


AFTER: My updated balcony plant stand.


A trip to Pottery Barn during their summer sale, and voila, instant beautiful balcony. And again, all these plants are artificial.  Everything is washable and indestructible to squirrels (and my cat).


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