But I got it as a gift…

Today I was unpacking and organizing a kitchen for a client. When we got everything out of the moving boxes and I started asking her about certain items, she repeated a phrase I hear all the time… “I don’t like it, but I got it as a gift”.

As we enter the biggest gift giving season, we will all be faced with this – the gift from a friend, relative or coworker that we just don’t have a use for, or that we just flat out don’t like.

I am constantly amazed at how much stuff people keep that they don’t use or like because someone gave it to them. They drag this stuff from house to house, paying for us to pack it, and the movers to move it and us to unpack it.

So, I am giving you permission to accept the gift, acknowledge the thoughtfulness and then repurpose – pass the gift on – whether to someone you know who could use it or to donate it to a worthy cause. You do not have to keep things you don’t use, have room for or like. And that’s the end of that!

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