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Children will listen…organizing for your children

Recently, I held an organizing assessment with a wonderful couple in the East Bay, who have decided that enough is enough.  It is time to get the house decluttered and organized. I really enjoyed working with this couple because they fully realized that the reason they need to get organized is not just for them.  It’s also […]

Welcome to the glamorous world of being a professional organizer…

One of my fellow professional organizers has the tag “welcome to the glamorous world of professional organizing” on her site…I always giggle when I see that…because sometimes the glamor is a little hard to find.   People laugh when they get my contract and it says…“Please advise if there are animals other than common house pets.”  […]

An organizing assessment…learning to live with less than perfect

I recently did an “organizing assessment” for a family in the east bay.   Getting into the house, talking with the family, figuring out what the issues are and coming up with a plan to fix the clutter problems…once and for all…is how I start all my organizing jobs. As usually happens, when they called […]

Back to School…it’s that time again

From Unclutterer…great post on getting kids back to school. Transitions can be difficult, especially if you’re really enjoying the thing you’re doing and you have to stop to do something that might not be as fun. I suspect that’s how some children feel as the end of summer draws near. It’s the signal that they […]

Homework, yours and theirs…

Here’s a great post from Aby Garvey, at Simplify 101 on organizing an area in the house just for homework. She took a lovely old cabinet, put it in the kitchen and converted it into “homework central”.  Some of her great tips are below:   Equip your homework station with essential supplies. Use your storage […]