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Computer safety…doing the two-step

So, after last month’s debacle with my emails and dealing with Google, I do have some advice to share regarding computer safety and protecting yourself from technical nightmares…and as I am an Apple person, I refer to Apple products and their associated apps, if you a PC, then use the equivalent products. 1.  ALWAYS BACK UP.  Period. […]

Dealing with the red banner of death…suspicious emails

There you are, minding your own business when one fine day you get an email from a client…”hey, your emails are coming to me with a big red banner that says the content is “Suspicious” and that you might be a hacker and that I shouldn’t open your email…what gives?”  You will, naturally, assume that […]

Digitally Organizing Life…

I’ve been investigating digitally organizing life for myself, and for clients…this article on Lifehacker, by Whitson Gordon, gives a lot of great information, even though it was written in 2012 and we have jumped some lightyears since then, the basics are still relevant… Top 10 Ways to Ditch Your Clutter and Digitally Organize Your Life We’ve […]

Declutter the computer…is it worth it?

File this in the “seemed like a good idea at the time” folder:  Why not just declutter the computer…clear out old email and upgrade my operating system.  Should only take a couple of days of dedicated time… Day 37….still slogging through the muck and mire of old emails and outdated operating systems…it now appears that there will be no escape. […]

Decluttering cords …the tangled web they weave

We are decluttering cords with a client right now, who has a massive electronic cord problem…one of the worst cases of cord clutter I’ve seen in a residence.  As I write this, Teri is busy decluttering, untangling and taming the mess. In my own house, this professional organizer recently tacked a cord problem of my […]

“Fortuna Major”…computer password access

Passwords have been around for a long time.  Every kid who has a box fort, tree house or other such secret meeting space, knows that you need a password to enter.  Even the boy wizard at Hogwarts needed a password to get by the “fat lady” portraits in the house of Gryffindor. Last week, I […]

It’s a Martha Stewart moment…

As I’ve said before, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday…a day of thanks is a good thing. And speaking of good things…Martha Stewart has unveiled her new “mini” magazine for the IPAD.  It’s glorious!  Full of beautiful photos and interactive pages, including a panoramic view of her farm in Bedford.  This will be one of my […]

A work of art…

I was looking around the house for just the right place to set up my IPAD recharging station, when it  hit me – it’s a work of art, so why not display it as such… My sofa end table before… My sofa end table now… When it’s in use, I’ll put my Toby Klayman back […]

What goes with what – organizing electronics…

In a couple of days many of us will be knee deep in new electronics. All those shiny new toys will have a heap of cords, cables, accessories and manuals (if you’re lucky). Don’t just toss those extras into a drawer and think that you’ll remember what goes with what. Instead, put all the pieces […]

Shred it…

EVERYONE should be shredding their mail and sensitive papers, but not all shredders are up to the task. I go into many homes with broken shredders and the owners are reluctant to get a new one. When buying a shredder, even for home use, go for power! I don’t recommend shredders with a mesh basket […]