downsizing + rightsizing

Seniors and elders…trying to cope in a 2014 world

My current client is 89 years old.   He was born in 1925, so he’s 89 years old.  There’s a good reason why I want to emphasize his age. His wife of 60+ years has just recently passed.  He is now living alone in a large home in the east bay.  He still drives, does […]

Unwanted clutter…time to let it go

From Unclutterer, this great article from fellow organizer, Jeri Dansky, on a subject close to my heart…letting your unwanted things go. When going through the uncluttering process, once you’ve decided what to keep and what should go, it can be easy to get hung up on the next step: actually getting rid of the non-keepers. […]

Women and their dishes…

By far, the toughest thing for my senior female clients to part with are their sets and sets of dish ware and china.  Oh my, how we love our dishes! Last year I assisted downsizing and moving a man whose wife had passed away. He was totally befuddled by the amount of dishes she had […]

Moving Mom…a senior moves into her new Piedmont Gardens apartment

Last week my team had the pleasure of being hired to move an Oakland senior from her home of 40+ years in the hills, to Piedmont Gardens senior living community.  Even though she has a large family and friends to lend support, she decided that leaving the move to a professional organizer would allow everyone […]

An East Bay liquidation specialist…

What do you do when you are downsizing  a senior family member, or selling a home full of furniture, collections of things, household items, books, art , or a garage full of tools? The family has taken out those items that they want, and now there are rooms full of the left overs.  Some items […]

A senior move…sometimes it just doesn’t feel like home

Just a week ago, we organized the move of a friend’s 80 year old mother.  We moved her out of her Santa Rosa double wide trailer home, and into a lovely one bedroom apartment, in The Redwoods, a beautiful senior community, in Marin. We worked on downsizing her first, paring her down to her best and […]

Getting rid of albums…

“What should I do with all my albums?” And we’re not talking about photos, we’re talking about those vinyl record collections that many of us, of a certain age, still have in the back of the closet.  Usually kept in milk crates, they weigh a ton, require shelf space larger than most bookcases and they […]

Downsizing, not just for seniors anymore…

Sorry to say, but it doesn’t appear that this recession will be over as quickly as we had all hoped.  As I check in with past clients, I find that a number of them have lost their jobs, most of them are women and they are no where near retirement age. Those of us who […]

The book dilemna…

A minimalist approach to books – from  ZenHabits: Yes, books. I know for many of us, getting rid of possessions is an attractive prospect … but not books! Books are sacred. Right? Well, maybe. I love books as much as anyone. I love them in a physical way, with certain pleasure-inducing parts of my brain […]

How do I downsize my life?

Q: I’ve been laid off, I need to move to a smaller place and I’m depressed and overwhelmed. Where do I start and how long will it take? A: Well, first, it sounds like you need to stop and take a breath… do something to give yourself a break from feeling overwhelmed. Take your notebook […]