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Pantry peace…getting rid of the pantry pests

Last year I fought off an army of pantry pests…Silver Fish, in my kitchen…transferring food out of packages and into ziplocks or air tights at least gives you peace of mind that the critters aren’t having a party while you sleep… From Kitchn by: Ayn-Monique Klahre, photo by: Maxwell Ryan Did you know that the phrase […]

Teaching an old kitchen some new tricks…

Can a professional organizer teach an old kitchen how to function more efficiently for a family waiting to remodel? I am happy to say, that yes, the All Things Home Organizing team recently rose to the challenge, and gave this old kitchen an organizing makeover that will hold off the remodeling for a bit longer. […]

In Julia Child’s kitchen…

As one of the millions who loves Julia Child, this article on her famous Cambridge kitchen is a gem…of course, I am especially interested in how her kitchen was organized.  This article is long, but I have highlighted the discussion of how she and Paul Child went about making this iconic kitchen work for the […]

6 Dangerous kitchen and food safety issues to avoid…

As a professional organizer, I’ve organized several kitchens lately that have suffered from the same problem – unsafe food prep utensils or unsafe food conditions. And we’re not talking about kitchens that are not clean, we are talking about things that people just don’t notice or think of as a hazard in their kitchen. My […]

Your new kitchen…organized

This week the All Things Home Organizing™  team had the pleasure of unpacking and organizing a family of five in their new Marin home.  Yes, moving is chaotic and sometimes stressful.  Especially if you have 3 young children who are off from school during your move.  But in just a day and half, we were […]

Cooking at home: four favorite chef cookbooks

It’s been a while since I wrote about my favorite cookbooks.  I have a few new ones, of course. I am now downloading reading books, but while I’m cooking, I will always want a cookbook in my hands. This year I have found 3 great books coming out of England. Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi, is a […]

How to eat cheese…

I am a girl from Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is know as “the dairy state”, just check their license plates for proof.  EVERYONE from Wisconsin is suppose to drink beer and be a cheese head. Well, I don’t like beer and until very recently, I didn’t like cheese. Which explains why I had to move to California. […]

How to organize…how to store food – oil, nuts and spices

We’re moving a wonderful family in the east bay, and during the pre-move preparations, I went through their kitchen cabinets to see what would be packed and what would be tossed.  In the toss pile went a half dozen bottles of various oils that have gone rancid, along with dozens of bottles of herbs and spices that […]

A trip to Napa Valley and The French Laundry…

On Sunday, May 15th, I celebrated my birthday at The French Laundry.  I’ve been wanting to go for ages, and finally, thanks to friend and client, Ruth Stroup, the stars aligned so that it was possible. Everything was perfect, the weather was lovely.   All the roses are in bloom everywhere and the grape vines […]

How to organize…food storage containers

Last week I was organizing a chef’s newly renovated kitchen.  We spent a lot of time trying to find the most efficient way to store food and cooking utensils, especially the mountains of bulk food products for baking.   Her bulk food storage containers are all restaurant sized and round.  Like trying fit a round […]