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Pantry peace…getting rid of the pantry pests

Last year I fought off an army of pantry pests…Silver Fish, in my kitchen…transferring food out of packages and into ziplocks or air tights at least gives you peace of mind that the critters aren’t having a party while you sleep… From Kitchn by: Ayn-Monique Klahre, photo by: Maxwell Ryan Did you know that the phrase […]

Are you disorganized? You are not alone…

Ikea says “It’s National Home Improvement Month”…and why not!  They’ve really made a study out of this, and some of the information is quite fascinating…to me, as a professional organizer. Does any of this relate to you and your home? Feel like you just don’t have enough space for all of your stuff?  Is clutter […]

6 Dangerous kitchen and food safety issues to avoid…

As a professional organizer, I’ve organized several kitchens lately that have suffered from the same problem – unsafe food prep utensils or unsafe food conditions. And we’re not talking about kitchens that are not clean, we are talking about things that people just don’t notice or think of as a hazard in their kitchen. My […]

Organizing tips… how to load the dishwasher

  Being a professional organizer, this is embarrassing, but I am going with it anyway…I just figured out how to load my dishwasher. For years, I’ve been driven crazy by having to rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher every time I added something to a load. I know I can organize anything if I just […]

Kitchen sink… sponge holders

Looking for the perfect kitchen sink sponge holder is like searching for the holy grail.  I’ve been on this quest for as long as I’ve been on my own in the kitchen. My mother and grandmother used dishrags, which I used for many years.  We just hung them over the facet when not in use. […]

The bathroom – private and public space…

                Usually, we think of our bathroom as our own private space. However, if you live in a one bathroom home, as I do, it is also a public space. Therefore, keeping a clean, presentable and functional bathroom is a must. Here’s my short list of dos: – […]

The linen closet…

      One of my Facebook readers recently asked me about linens…how many to have and how to organize them in a linen closet.   Personally, I love linens.  When I was looking for a professional photo to represent my work, I chose a linen closet…to me it says “this is what home organization […]

Spring cleaning finished…

The Great Spring Cleaning of 2011 is DONE.  This event was as much about taking stock of what I have as it was about cleaning.  When you clean EVERYTHING you own, you come to realize how much you have.  I never want to have more than I can keep clean and organized in a reasonable […]

Spring cleaning…part one

It started with a leak from the upstairs neighbor’s bathroom into mine…I pondered having to fix this for a couple of weeks. When an opening in my calendar appeared, I decided the only way to handle this was to repair the damage from the leak and combine that with a good old fashioned “spring cleaning”. So I […]

Green dry cleaning…

Dry cleaning clothes is still a tricky business when it comes to being green. The bad stuff is known as PERC or perchloroethylene. It’s what you smell when you take your clothes out of the plastic and it’s bad for you and the environment. The best recommendations I can find are to use cleaners who […]