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Family treasures or the tale of Hans and Inga, and Frederick and Greta, and Frederick and Inga, and Hans and Greta…

A long time ago, in a place far, far away…lived my Great Aunt and Uncle, who had a lovely home with beautiful things.  As they had no children, their beautiful things were looked upon as family treasures.  I remember sitting quietly on the plastic that covered the sofa (and just about every other surface in […]

Does this dust make my butt look fat…

Dust is a fact of life, and trying to keep up with dust is a major activity at my house. First, I have 2 cats in small space.  Second, I keep windows and the patio door open almost all the time when I am home. Third, I live on the street in a major city.  There […]

The demon aesthetic perfection…

Aesthetics:  “Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. Giving or designed to give pleasure through beauty; of pleasing appearance.” Perfection: “The action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible.” For those of us driven by aesthetic perfection, nothing in our space is ever done or finished. Nor is […]

The guest room…everyone wants one

There’s one room in a lot of people’s homes that I just can’t figure out…the guest room.  Doing hundreds of organizing assessments, here’s what I have faced over the “guest room”: People will move because they don’t have one. People will buy a bigger house than they can afford to get one. People will use […]

small space organizing…

Organizing a small space can be challenging.  I know because my own condo is 650 square feet.  But it’s very doable if you can think through the problem to find a good solution. Our friends at Apartment Therapy have posted this great piece: One of the revelations of living in a small home is that […]

Senior apartment…before & after

Love this, on so many levels!  Via Apartment Therapy, designer Emily Henderson transforms a senior apartment… Here at Apartment Therapy, we talk a lot about small spaces, but we don’t often get a chance to look at design for a group of people who often find themselves living in smaller spaces — senior citizens. That’s why […]

Coreen Cordova’s inspirational home…

I met Coreen Cordova, years ago in San Francisco, when she was the city’s premier make-up artist.  She then went on to create a highly successful  line of cosmetics for a major US company. After several years of criss-crossing the globe as their spokesperson, Coreen longed to spend more time at her home in the […]

Living in small spaces…

For those of us living in small spaces…declutter! Decorate With Intention: Keeping Tidy in Smaller Spaces Houzz– Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel and More »

Furniture…are you getting the right piece for the job?

Choosing the right piece of furniture can be a daunting task.  There is so much going on in your head when you are trying to make an investment, both emotionally and financially in adding furniture to a room. It does pain me when in my capacity as a professional organizer, I go into people’s homes […]

Painting and renovating…ta dah!

I am very pleased to tell you that after almost 2 months of living out of boxes, the painting and renovating is complete and we are now unpacked, organized, decorated and ready for the holidays.  I am so grateful that this process is over.  Yes, it was definitely worth it, but unless I win the […]