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Personal clutter…can a woman live without a handbag?

I have now been living without a handbag/purse, or technically, without my backpack style handbag/purse, for more than a month.  And I have survived to tell the tale. I know that it sounds impossible, and that handbag designers all over the world have added me to their “worst enemy” list, and Anna Wintour has cancelled […]

Letting go…can a woman live without a handbag?

Ladies, here’s the question…could you live without your handbag?  I know, I know…even the Queen of England carries a handbag (which has been the subject of many debates…what could she possibly put in there?  Her crown?). But I have decided to take up this challenge.  Why?  Well, a couple of reasons…first, as I have talked […]

Do the words “on sale” make you buy more?

It even happens to me – there I am standing at the register in the pet food store buying my 2 bags of cat food when the clerk says ” you know, this food is on sale…if you buy 3 bags you get a 4th bag FREE”. What am I suppose to do now? I […]

Green dry cleaning…

Return wire hangers to the dry cleaners for reuse and ask that my clothes be bundled together under the plastic covers, rather than each one covered in plastic separately. Better yet, only my white or light colored items need to be covered in plastic at all.

Alternative cleaning supplies…

Alternative cleaning products is now a big business. And when business gets big, it also gets confusing. The bottom line is that we need to look for products to use in our homes that are good for the earth and better for our health. We have a choice of purchasing ready to go products, such […]

“No, thank you”…

As a professional organizer, I am asked how to cut back on the amount of useless stuff that enters our lives, here are a few suggestions: 1. Say “no, thank you” to people handing out flyers on the street. 2. Do not pick up the free papers, booklets, book markers and other tempting info at […]

Things no one needs…

A few weeks ago I responded to an ad for a service I needed. The ad offered a “free radio” when you called. I advised the person who took my call that I did not want the free radio. So, last week I received two of them in the mail. They were tiny plastic novelty […]

Earth Day Reminder from Rubbermaid…

Drink in Earth Day The history of environmental awareness day points to the future April 22, 1970, marked the very first Earth Day. Over 20 million people took part in rallies, cleanups, teach-ins and other activities across America, and it’s commonly considered to mark the dawn of environmental consciousness in North America. This day of […]