moving in + out

Who should do the packing…

Most people consider one of the most dreaded chores of moving to be packing.  It’s the call we get the most often, and it goes like this: “We thought we could pack ourselves, but the movers come tomorrow and we are no where near ready.” Clients tend to underestimate how much time it will take, and how many […]

Moving the President…One President Out, Another In: You Don’t Just Hire 2 Guys With a Truck…

If you thought your last move was complicated, try moving the President… From the New York Times, Jan 17, 2017   A moving van parked outside the South Portico of the White House on Jan. 18, 2001, days before President George W. Bush took office. CreditAlex Wong/Getty Images  WASHINGTON — Out with almonds, in with Doritos. […]

Senior Move Managers….helping the elderly downsize and move…

Thanks to The New York Times for this great article on what All Things Home, as Senior Move Managers, do to assist our seniors and elderly moving from homes they have lived in for decades. Helping the Elderly Downsize By KAYA LATERMANJULY 22, 2016 In her long career as a psychiatrist, Dr. Phyllis Harrison-Ross has been […]

The problem with moving…it’s inconvenient, for sure.

  I write this with a smile…actually, it’s a funny quirk of being human…we don’t like change, even when we initiate it, even when it’s the best thing to happen to us, and even when we know we will be happier in the end. As the moving season winds down, I’ll offer a last warning […]

If you are moving…things to know when hiring movers

Just read this article on House Beautiful‘s Flipboard site and I think it’s all good information to know if you are hiring movers.  Even if you are trying to save money on your move, using a professional organizer who specializes in moving, will help you avoid costly mistakes on your move. Industry veteran, Jack Doody […]

Moving seniors…recognizing when it’s time to talk about moving

As a professional organizer who specializes in moving seniors, I get a lot of calls from the children of parents who have been aging in place in the “family home”.  But the big question is always, when is it time for our parents to move? Many children live a distance from their parents and only […]

Welcome to the glamorous world of being a professional organizer…

One of my fellow professional organizers has the tag “welcome to the glamorous world of professional organizing” on her site…I always giggle when I see that…because sometimes the glamor is a little hard to find.   People laugh when they get my contract and it says…“Please advise if there are animals other than common house pets.”  […]

Taking organizing to new heights…

Last week, the All Things Home Organizing™ team did the unpacking and organizing of a new client’s home, here in the East Bay.  While all jobs present new opportunities to stretch our expertise, this one stretched us all the way to 6’7″. Our client is a professional athlete standing at 6’7″ and weighing over 300 […]

Hoarding …taking their stuff to the grave

As a professional organizer, I have seen my share of hoarding situations.  Generally, I do not work with hoarders, but from time to time, something comes up that I have to handle. If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know I am a professional organizer who specializes in assisting people with their moves. […]

Organizing an old kitchen…

Old houses are certainly charming, until you get to organizing an old kitchen…lack of plugs, lack of counter space, lack of cabinets and drawers, lack of a pantry…all these things can create a serious problem for the homeowner who needs to function while waiting for the remodel. Client profile:  a busy Berkeley professor Challenge:  unpacking […]