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Organized living…how do you do it?

From our friends at Freshome, organized living is doable…I must say, I do adhere to most of these. 9 Habits of Highly Organized People  By Danica Rog August 30, 2016 in Cleaning & Organizing We all want to be a little bit more organized. What causes you stress on the outside – whether a long list of errands […]

Kitchen organizing solutions…

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding  good kitchen organizing solutions to solve vexing problems.  As a professional organizer, I really appreciate the inventiveness of these people, and I use many of these “fixes” when I work with clients. From Apartment Therapy’s “The Kitchn”, here are some great ideas…which I have edited.  Read their full article […]

Home Office…reboot

Next week I have a couple of home offices to evaluate, so I am starting to gear up. Here are some ideas for organizing and streamlining your home office from Whitson Gordon at Life Hacker. Whether you work from home, in an office, or just a cubicle down the hall, you spend most of the […]

Organizing tips… how to load the dishwasher

  Being a professional organizer, this is embarrassing, but I am going with it anyway…I just figured out how to load my dishwasher. For years, I’ve been driven crazy by having to rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher every time I added something to a load. I know I can organize anything if I just […]

Organizing tips…storing dishes

As I organize homes across the San Francisco bay area, I often find that people have multiple sets of dish ware and specialty serve ware, which they only use once or twice a year.  Cute mugs with snowmen for hot chocolate, plates with Santa and all the reindeer, large turkey platters, Passover dishes, etc. Unfortunately, […]

Organizing tips…shoes and shoe boxes

My Oakland client has a bit a of an issue with her shoes…too many and not enough closet space to store them all.  If you’re a woman with more shoes than space, here are some organizing tips: 1. Find common ground by sorting into categories by:  season, style, color, dress, casual, flat, heels, boots, athletic, […]

Organizing Tips…fun “tricks” for Halloween

I know, you wouldn’t think that Halloween would require organizing, but it surely does!  Here are my best tips, or tricks, for making sure all your ghosts and goblins are kept in order: Make sure all the candy corn is going in the same direction in the bowl. Make sure all the skeletons in the […]

Organizing tips…the law of “stuff”.

The more stuff you have, the more time and effort you have to put into organizing and cleaning it. Or, maybe not…

Organizing Tips… filing

Paper filing can be very confusing. Often we just don’t know if we have to save something or not, so we end up putting it into a file and then, more often than not, we never look at it again. As a professional organizer, I recommend keeping filing as simple as possible.  Files have only […]