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A professional organizer bids goodbye to 2013…

As the year winds down, it’s time for a vacation.  What does an professional organizer do on vacation? Spends time organizing their own home office.  Fixing the those nagging little things that have popped up over the year…get new hinges for the cabinet door, take the office apart for cleaning, clear out the old files […]

Unwanted clutter…time to let it go

From Unclutterer, this great article from fellow organizer, Jeri Dansky, on a subject close to my heart…letting your unwanted things go. When going through the uncluttering process, once you’ve decided what to keep and what should go, it can be easy to get hung up on the next step: actually getting rid of the non-keepers. […]

Senior apartment…before & after

Love this, on so many levels!  Via Apartment Therapy, designer Emily Henderson transforms a senior apartment… Here at Apartment Therapy, we talk a lot about small spaces, but we don’t often get a chance to look at design for a group of people who often find themselves living in smaller spaces — senior citizens. That’s why […]

A plan for the rest of your life…why don’t most of us have one?

Disorganization is not only just about “things”.  Many of us lead disorganized lives.  Not that I advocate having to plan every single moment…I’ve met (been) one of those people and it can be a drag to live a life of inflexibility. Many people simply wander through their lives.  Stuff just happens to them.  I’ve noticed […]

Women and their dishes…

By far, the toughest thing for my senior female clients to part with are their sets and sets of dish ware and china.  Oh my, how we love our dishes! Last year I assisted downsizing and moving a man whose wife had passed away. He was totally befuddled by the amount of dishes she had […]

Moving Mom…a senior moves into her new Piedmont Gardens apartment

Last week my team had the pleasure of being hired to move an Oakland senior from her home of 40+ years in the hills, to Piedmont Gardens senior living community.  Even though she has a large family and friends to lend support, she decided that leaving the move to a professional organizer would allow everyone […]

A senior hoarder…

I received a call for help from the director of Piedmont Gardens, a senior/elder residence, in Oakland.  One of their residents needed to move from an independent apartment to an assisted living apartment.  When they entered her unit, they discovered that she is a hoarder.  Her unit was packed with all the usual hoarder’s stuff – […]

A senior move…dealing with the stress

Moving is generally stressful for everyone, but seniors can be especially nervous facing a move. Such was the case last week, with a senior client in San Francisco, who was voluntarily moving, from the 3rd floor of her building, to the 1st floor – into an identical one bedroom apartment…how difficult could that really be? […]

With a heavy heart…goodbye to a client and friend

As a professional organizer, I’ve had the privilege of working with many, many wonderful people through the years.  But every so often a client comes along who becomes a good and trusted friend.  Such was the case with one of my senior move clients, Beverly Wunderlich, a fantastic woman I moved into a beautiful senior […]

An East Bay liquidation specialist…

What do you do when you are downsizing  a senior family member, or selling a home full of furniture, collections of things, household items, books, art , or a garage full of tools? The family has taken out those items that they want, and now there are rooms full of the left overs.  Some items […]