the kitchen sink (editorial)

Personal clutter…can a woman live without a handbag?

I have now been living without a handbag/purse, or technically, without my backpack style handbag/purse, for more than a month.  And I have survived to tell the tale. I know that it sounds impossible, and that handbag designers all over the world have added me to their “worst enemy” list, and Anna Wintour has cancelled […]

Declutter the computer…is it worth it?

File this in the “seemed like a good idea at the time” folder:  Why not just declutter the computer…clear out old email and upgrade my operating system.  Should only take a couple of days of dedicated time… Day 37….still slogging through the muck and mire of old emails and outdated operating systems…it now appears that there will be no escape. […]

Letting go…can a woman live without a handbag?

Ladies, here’s the question…could you live without your handbag?  I know, I know…even the Queen of England carries a handbag (which has been the subject of many debates…what could she possibly put in there?  Her crown?). But I have decided to take up this challenge.  Why?  Well, a couple of reasons…first, as I have talked […]

A professional organizer bids goodbye to 2013…

As the year winds down, it’s time for a vacation.  What does an professional organizer do on vacation? Spends time organizing their own home office.  Fixing the those nagging little things that have popped up over the year…get new hinges for the cabinet door, take the office apart for cleaning, clear out the old files […]

I am the best professional organizer in town…says who?

Lately, I have noticed that a small group of people are advertising themselves as “the best professional organizer”or “the number one professional organizer in the bay area”.  And I have to ask, “says who?”.  Even more interesting is that there are several different organizers doing this. I come from a time when, in order to […]

The art of clutter…Chester Arnold

The art of clutter…or clutter as art? My new favorite artist…Chester Arnold.  Whatever could he be trying to tell us?  

How busy are you…just plain busy or crazy busy?

A recent article in the New York Times, by Tim Kreider, The Busy Trap, got me thinking…what would I do if I wasn’t so busy?  I can’t for the life of me understand those people who say they would never retire because they wouldn’t have anything to do…gosh, I can’t wait to retire so that I […]

Thank you, Hester…

  Sadly, one of the pillars of our SF Bay organizing community passed away on April 7, 2012.  Hester Lox, 61, died of cancer within a month of being diagnosed.  Partly a victim of our absurd healthcare system, she could not afford to get to the doctor early on, and by the time she did, […]

I’d rather be blogging…

Yes, I’d rather be blogging, but I am doing my end of year paperwork, filing 1099’s, filling our forms and paying all my city, state, business licenses and fees…and, last but not least, prepping for federal taxes. See you on the other side!

Happy Holidays!

I wish you all the very best of the holiday season and beyond… Here’s my newest assistant…little Nellie Bean.