Counter clutter with dual use tools…

I am a fan of anything that helps cut down on counter clutter, and as you know, I love dual purpose items. This one caught my attention…from our friends at

Knife block with integrated stand for iPad (or any other tablet)

by PJ Doland on Aug 29, 2013

As someone who frequently uses an iPad in the kitchen to manage recipes, this knife block from Victorinox seems like a great solution to the problem of where to safely rest a tablet while cooking:

Knife block with iPad stand

 And speaking of dual purpose…how many of you are using your IPADs in the kitchen?  I’ve been experimenting…I ordered a couple of cookbooks on ibooks, and as much as I love my IPAD, I still love having a cookbook in my hands to browse through.  For pulling single recipes, however, it’s great.


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