Elfa closet installation…

Last month I had the fun of designing and installing an Elfa closet system (The Container Store‘s product) for my recently married clients. They are in the process of blending their households, and this wonderfully huge walk in closet, which had only belonged to her, now has to be shared by the two of them.

The first step was the decision to use the closet for clothes, related clothing items and their extensive library of reference materials. The second step was about finding new homes in the house for everything else that was living in the closet and no longer would belong there. They decided to only redo two walls of the closet right now, so with a somewhat blank canvas, I came up with a closet design using the Elfa system. I knew she wanted to get her shoes off the floor and he needed drawers to put tee shirts and socks in, besides a rod hanging his suits.

As this project involved ripping out two of the high wooden shelves which had bowed under the weight of the books, I had a handyman take care of that portion and hang the Elfa tracks. I then set about building the rest of the system based on my plan. There are certain tricks to installing an Elfa system, which I’ve learned from all my previous installations, and it’s labor intensive, but it’s a well thought out system and the results are spectacular.

After the system was up I went about organizing her shoes and books. The rest of the closet is his…

And they lived happily ever after!!

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