Home office redo…out of the dark and into the white

I believe that traditionally, we think of dark as masculine and light (especially white) as feminine.  And this is very true of the choices in office furniture and decor.  Each time I visit office furniture stores I am struck by the lack of color choices.  It seems that your choices are black, dark brown or white.  Light oak has fallen out of favor, so the in-between choice is usually glass and metal.

This home office redo post, from Apartment Therapy, is a great example of using white in an office…you can clearly see the change of mood lift considerably…which office would you rather work in?  This office feels to me like a “from his to hers” switch…

Before & After: Home Office Gets a Light & Lively MakeoverDESIGNED TO DWELL


Wendy from Designed to Dwell had a perfectly nice formal study, yet she came to a realization I think we’ve all had at some point: sometimes what we think we like isn’t our style after all. Check out how Wendy lightened and brightened to create a completely fresh new room that’s much more her.


After living with the formal study for a few years, Wendy realized her study needed a makeover. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old room, but as Wendy writes, “I realized this was not ‘us’. We are definitely not formal people! I decided a lighter, happier look would fit our personalities a little better.”

Using their existing furniture, Wendy and her husband created a bright new look by painting the pieces a crisp white, making an X-base desk using the original L-shaped desk, and adding a sleek new office chair. Wendy’s husband also built new frames for their portraits and Wendy updated the smaller touches to add vibrant notes of color around the room. I’m a huge fan of their new study!


Have you ever tried a style only to realize it wasn’t really ‘you’? I just did that with the purchase of some Troopa Boots. A fashion choice that was cool in theory, but not working for me at all in practice (womp womp). In the words of my 2-year old daughter, “You look silly, mama”. Too true, my friends, too true. Now if only Wendy could work her magic and turn my trooper boots into some rain boots…

Head on over to Designed to Dwell for all the details on this makeover.

(Images: Designed to Dwell)

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