Junk mail …congratulations, you’ve won nothing but trouble

If your 89 year old mother received this in the mail, what would she do with it?  For that matter, what would you do with it?

Junk Mail

Junk mail…this actually fooled me!

Would she pick up the phone and call?  Would you? A letter with Reader’s Digest and Pepsi’s logo, a check for $4980 to keep you until you get your million.

If you’ve seen the movie “Nebraska” then you’re laughing at this.  Well, my client is not laughing and neither is her mother, who is out a substantial amount of money and still living with a boatload of telemarketers and scam artists chasing her around for more.  She made the mistake of picking up the phone and calling the number.  The rest of the story is too painful to recount.

The All Things Home Organizing team has been called in to sort through years of mail that has been piling up in mom’s house.  After getting burnt in this scheme, she’s afraid to touch anything or throw anything away.  But when every piece of mail comes marked “urgent, open immediately”, “must respond by xxx”, “your account has been closed”, and a hundred other messages that the scare the heck out of people, well, she simply stopped looking at the mail.

Junk mail

Urgent! Open immediately! You must respond immediately!

So, we are sorting and sorting and sorting.  Bags and bags, boxes and boxes. Decluttering every surface and trying to help these people to reclaim their home and lives.

Junk mail on its way out...

Junk mail on its way out…

If you are plagued with junk mail, try contacting Cal Recycle or Answers USA .  If you are receiving unwanted credit card solicitations, or receiving blank checks attached your credit card statements, they must by law provide you with a phone number you can call to tell them to stop sending these.  Unfortunately, you have read down to the bottom of the page to find this information.

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