Organizing a kosher kitchen…

Last week we had the privilege of packing, unpacking and organizing a new home for a Berkeley Rabbi and his family.  Our challenge was keeping their kitchen kosher .  

Simply stated, a kosher kitchen requires the separation of all dairy cookery from meat.  Not only do the dishes have to be separated, but so do all cooking implements and utensils, so there are double sets of pots and pans, flatware, appliances and mixing bowls. AND, all these items have to be duplicated for Passover, as your everyday ware can not be used during this time.

We had to be sure to keep everything separated all during the packing process.  Boxes had to be carefully labeled so that dishes would be mixed during the unpacking.

Fortunately, their new kitchen has lots of cupboards and drawers.  We divided cabinets by Passover dishes on one side and everyday dishes on the other, and then each shelf in the cabinet contains either dairy or meat dishes. We made cardboard dividers to keep the dishes from touching each other on each shelf.

As the move took place on a Friday, we had to finish the unpacking before sunset, the traditional start of Shabbat.


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