The linen closet…

An organized linen closet

I chose this professional photo of a linen closet to represent my work.




One of my Facebook readers recently asked me about linens…how many to have and how to organize them in a linen closet.

  Personally, I love linens.  When I was looking for a professional photo to represent my work, I chose a linen closet…to me it says “this is what home organization offers”.  A closet that is functional, organized and attractive.


How many linens to keep depends on a number of things:

How many people are in the household? How often do you want to do laundry? How often do you have guests staying over?

How do you approach the change of seasons in your home? Do you switch from lighter blankets to heavier comforters?

How much room do you have for storage of all these items?

I advise clients to have:

  • 2 Bath towels, 2 Hand towels, 2  Wash cloths, per person
  • 1 full set of towels saved just for overnight guests.
  • 2 changes of bed linens per bed, and one extra set of pillow cases for each bed.
  • Each bed needs one mattress cover and each pillow needs one pillow cover.
  • Additional blankets may be kept for colder weather and guests who might sleep on the sofa, if needed.

My favorite places to buy linens:  Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Macy’s.

How to organize linens…to be a future post.


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