My “other” office…

This week I picked up my new car. I spent the rest of the day transferring all my stuff from the old car to the new one. I never expected that it would take so long or be such a chore! Afterall, I am a professional organizer and yes, I have one of the most organized trunks west of the Mississippi, but STILL, where did all this stuff come from?

There were problems to solve, like the trunk floor not being level, so I had to come up with a way to flatten the surface out so it would hold my cases upright – Tools, Tapes, Cleaning Supplies, Marketing Materials, Labelers and Misc. Then finding just the right spot for sunglasses, hand cleaners, note pads, GPS cords, phone cords, maps, gum, water bottles, umbrellas, snacks, earthquake kit, first aid kit, blanket, window cleaner, paper towels, leash and animal food (just in case a stray shows up and needs a lift) AND my step stool. Reminded me of Mary Poppins pulling all that stuff out of her carry bag… one thing after another.

My new rolling auxiliary home office and mobile supply closet is now ready for duty!

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