Organizing a kitchen…the secrets of a pro

Moving day kitchen

One of my favorite things to do…unpacking and organizing a new kitchen on move-in day. Our clients are busy people, moving into a new loft condo.  They hired All Things Home Organizing™  to supervise the movers on moving day, assist with furniture placement, and unpack/organize the kitchen.

The question I get asked all the time:  how do you know where things should go?  After organizing hundreds of kitchens, I’ve got it down to a science.

Organizing a kitchen

Basically, I divide the kitchen between food items, food prep/cooking and serving.  Everything we unpack falls into these categories.  Then I look at the space and determine where the best place is for each of these categories.  There are things to take into account:  are there children, how tall/short are the family members, does the kitchen have more drawers or more cabinets, what foods are most important to the family, how many sets of dishes do they have…once I determine these things, it’s fairly easy for me to get things in order.

in order.

A couple of hours later…this kitchen is ready for meal prep.

Generally, our clients are most anxious about organizing their new kitchens, and it’s the room they want done fast and professionally.  I am always happy to oblige!

One comment on "Organizing a kitchen…the secrets of a pro"

  • Anca says:

    I like the fact that you consider the height of the family members. My husband and I didn’t do that when we first moved in, and it was a bit comedic for a while, where we were either having to get the stepladder or stooping to get at things the other thought in a perfectly logical place. 🙂