How to organize…paper organization

On a Saturday morning, I met with my Alameda client.  She was really worried about the piles of paper that were cluttering her desktop. “This is going to be horrible” were her exact words as we stepped into her home office. I told her not to panic and then we set about our work, paper organization is not as hard as it looks…

Sort piles of paper one pile or box at a time.

First, I gathered all the piles of paper and dropped them into several boxes I had made.  It’s much easier to deal with emptying one box at time.

Then I started handing her small batches of  the papers for sorting. In 3 hours all the piles and boxes were gone.

The papers that needed to be filed were filed, the items that needed action were neatly arranged in her  “to do box”. The majority of the paper ended up in recycling.

And 3 hours later, she has a beautiful decluttered office desk to work at.

She was amazed. “I’ve been dreading this for weeks and it was so easy!”. Yes, when you break a task down into small pieces and handle those one by one, it’s easy…

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