The problem with moving…it’s inconvenient, for sure.


I write this with a smile…actually, it’s a funny quirk of being human…we don’t like change, even when we initiate it, even when it’s the best thing to happen to us, and even when we know we will be happier in the end.

As the moving season winds down, I’ll offer a last warning to anyone moving or thinking of moving…yes, moving is stressful, disruptive and sometimes downright chaotic.  And yes, certainly, working with a professional organizer who specializes in managing moves lessens all those issues.  However, there is one thing that is pretty hard to deal with…the problem with moving is it’s inconvenient.

While I lose countless hours of sleep worrying about YOUR stuff getting from point A to point B, you don’t have to worry, unless you want to.  And it’s amazing how many people want to worry anyway.   So be it.

But it still astounds me how many people moving, who have known they would be moving…sometimes for a year before the move, don’t understand that in order to move, ALL your stuff has to be put in boxes, loaded on a truck and driven to wherever it is you are going.  Getting clients to understand this is one of the hardest parts of my job.

Clients who are moving in a day, still don’t want you to pack their 64 piece set of china (really, you need the gravy boat the night before you move?).  Nor do they want their books packed (really, you are going to read War and Peace the night before you move?) or their 87 pairs of shoes (really, you need 22 pairs of 8″ heels tonight?) or their 1987 tax returns (really, you think you’ll get audited tonight?).

Additionally, people can’t bear to be without their TV’s and computers.  Generally, they want all electronic devices up and running to within minutes of the moving truck pulling away and within minutes of arriving at the new house.  And, it needs to run perfectly.

Most of our clients never want to change their regular scheduled events just because they happen to be moving.  Give up a night of the book club?  No way!  Skip the neighbors 5 year olds violin rehearsal, nope.

Seriously, people hire us so that they can go on with their lives, and it makes me happy that they move with the least amount of stress and disruption.  However, the only thing that can be done about the inconvenience factor is to not have them around for their move at all.  One of my assistants suggested that we send all our clients on a cruise the week of their move.  Pack your suitcase and go and we’ll move you and you can come back to a completely unpacked and organized new house.

Actually, a few of our clients have done just that.  It works beautifully, and no one is inconvenienced!

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