Welcome to the glamorous world of being a professional organizer…

So, which box is the python in?

So, which box is the python in?

One of my fellow professional organizers has the tag “welcome to the glamorous world of professional organizing” on her site…I always giggle when I see thatbecause sometimes the glamor is a little hard to find.  

People laugh when they get my contract and it says“Please advise if there are animals other than common house pets.”  They say, why the “common pets” clause?

Well, a few years ago I was organizing a home for a family while they were away on vacation.  Before they left, they threw a frozen mouse into the corn snake’s cage.  Unfortunately, the snake wasn’t hungry because the mouse turned into a messnaturally, being an animal lover, I felt sorry for the snake.  (Actually, felt sorry for the ex-mouse as well, but that’s another story.)  So I fished the mouse out and found another one in the freezer and left it for the snake, who devoured it shortly thereafter.

This brings me today, when I visited the home of a family who just moved into their new house and have been having trouble figuring out how to go about unpacking and where to put things when they do.  As we got into the rooms and deeper into conversation, I noticed an empty snake cage (can’t miss the tell tail signs…the shedding skin and accompanying odors – yes, snakes smell), so where’s the snake?  “Ah, we’re not sure…he got out and we haven’t been able to find him.”   They think he’s in the sofa…

I see…somewhere among the boxes and bedding there’s a ball python on the loose…and guess what, they are leaving for the east coast in a few days…and no, we will not be unpacking them.




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