Your project or your life…

I’ve been working with an east bay Realtor, organizing and filing masses of paper clutter in her home office. She recently moved in a hurry, and in the process of moving everything she owned got tossed into boxes.  Needless to say, most of the stuff in the boxes was pitched when she really got to look at it.  She’s amazed at how much useless paper had accumulated in the last couple of years.

Of the paper that was left, a great deal of it is “projects”: the “business cards to scan into the computer” project, the “read over the notes from a class she took 2 years ago” project, the “create a new brochure” project, the “photo album” project, etc., etc.

When I asked her if she realized she was trading the precious moments of her life for these projects, she was a bit stunned.  But in fact, that’s the truth. Every time you add a project to your list, you are choosing what you will do with the remaining hours of your life. Projects are a necessary part of both our work and personal lives, however, some of us take on more projects than we have lifetimes to complete.  Time management is a skill we all must master or we simply risk drowning in our paper and projects.

Remember the bumper sticker “I’d rather be sailing”?  Well, I always use that question to measure against any project I start to think about taking on…

Your projects or your life...personally, I'd rather be sailing!

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