Sending your clutter off to Purgatory…

I just did an organizing consultation with a wonderful woman here in the East Bay.  While the upstairs portion of her house, what I call the “public” spaces – the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. – are neat, tidy and very attractively arranged, it’s another story in the downstairs area of the house.

 “Downstairs” is where things she no longer wants, but can’t seem to bear to get rid of, is banished.  It goes to suffer and await its eventual fate of final disposition. 

Many of us have this place in our house or garage.  “Purgatory” or “limbo”,  the place where objects go to gather dust. We feel that because someone gave us that vase, or someone made us that pillow, or something cost us X number of dollars, or something belonged to another member of our family – we can’t just send it on its way, it has to sit and wait until the space is too cluttered to ignore.

This client collected some of that clutter in her garage.  Somewhere there’s a silver plated tea set that belonged to a relative that’s been banished…

What good does this tea set do lost in the garage?

And when it was landed in the donate box.

What things have you banished and why?  Couldn’t someone else use those items before they are too dirty or rusty or outdated?

Look around you, choose ONE thing to send off to a charity organization of your choosing…Salvation Army and The Oakland Museum’s White Elephant will even come to your house.

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