A senior move…sometimes it just doesn’t feel like home

Just a week ago, we organized the move of a friend’s 80 year old mother.  We moved her out of her Santa Rosa double wide trailer home, and into a lovely one bedroom apartment, in The Redwoods, a beautiful senior community, in Marin.

We worked on downsizing her first, paring her down to her best and favorite things. The move out of her trailer and the move in to her new apartment went smoothly.  We unpacked and settled her into her new home in one day. Her daughter and grand daughter did a stunning job making the new apartment feel like “home”.  They had the entire apartment painted in her favorite colors, and we added an Elfa systems to all her closets.

Today the phone rang…”Mom wants out, she wants to return to her trailer.”  So, we’ll do the move  all over again – and put her back into her trailer, exactly as she was before.

My friend is heartbroken, knowing that her mom should not be living alone, and so far from the rest of the family…

2 comments on "A senior move…sometimes it just doesn’t feel like home"

  • Anonymous says:

    Change is difficult. At least you were there to help both mom and kids.

    Thanks for sharing this family story. I'm sure we'll be seeing this ongoing trend of need for support clashing with desire for independence.

    Also show's the need for all of to build community throughout our lives.

    Ruth Stroup