A small home office makeover…

Even a small home office can get a big benefit from some professional organizing.  In this case, my client was struggling with the position of the furniture, as well as knowing where things should go.

This small home office just needed a little organizing.

First, we gathered all the papers, sorted them, and then created a file system.  The filing cabinets house active/current paperwork.  The file boxes are  for archived papers.

My client complained about the glare from the windows, so we repositioned the table/desk.  And, yes, you can use a table as a desk. I added an attractive 5 bin storage tower from The Container Store that fits right under the table to hold office supplies, and she’s good to go.

It didn’t take long, and it’s made a huge difference in her work environment.

Putting the desk up against the wall gives this office much more space and better light.

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