Painting and renovating…ta dah!

I am very pleased to tell you that after almost 2 months of living out of boxes, the painting and renovating is complete and we are now unpacked, organized, decorated and ready for the holidays.  I am so grateful that this process is over.  Yes, it was definitely worth it, but unless I win the […]

True confessions…living minimally, not as easy as it sounds

As an Bay Area professional organizer,  I’ve worked really hard to “practice what I preach” and keep my household possessions  to a minimum. I live in a small condo with limited storage space.  Every year I go through it, top to bottom, to root out the stuff that has crept in. I made up my […]

The bathroom – private and public space…

                Usually, we think of our bathroom as our own private space. However, if you live in a one bathroom home, as I do, it is also a public space. Therefore, keeping a clean, presentable and functional bathroom is a must. Here’s my short list of dos: – […]

A good use of a basket in a bathroom…

Last week, I organized my East Bay client’s master closet and bathroom.  My clients are expecting their second child, and it has become an imperative that their house function as efficiently as possible.  With 2 children under the age of 5, they will need every extra minute they can get.  After we completed an organizing […]

Spring cleaning…part one

It started with a leak from the upstairs neighbor’s bathroom into mine…I pondered having to fix this for a couple of weeks. When an opening in my calendar appeared, I decided the only way to handle this was to repair the damage from the leak and combine that with a good old fashioned “spring cleaning”. So I […]

Organizing bathroom clutter…

Q: Help! My bathroom is a cluttered mess. Too many products and not enough space for them all. I am especially unhappy with the way the top of the toilet looks with stuff all over it. Can you offer any suggestions? A: Yes, I can! I have mentioned organizing bathrooms before, and how I deal […]

Organizing makeup…

Keeping makeup organized can be a chore. I keep my makeup in this acrylic jewelry box. I’ve divided the drawers by product type. The box fits nicely on a small shelf in my bathroom. Try Stacksandstacks.comfor yours.