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Unwanted clutter…time to let it go

From Unclutterer, this great article from fellow organizer, Jeri Dansky, on a subject close to my heart…letting your unwanted things go. When going through the uncluttering process, once you’ve decided what to keep and what should go, it can be easy to get hung up on the next step: actually getting rid of the non-keepers. […]

Organizing tips…the charity box

I always like to set up a charity “donation” box in my client’s homes. Generally located in the garage, it allows everyone in the family to place in items which they no longer use. When the box is full, it gets taken to their favorite charity. My families with children love this. We have even […]

Donating your stuff…

Which of these items would you donate to charity? The second hand and the alarm on the clock are broken. The blue vase is fine. The amber vase is chipped in two places. Some of the candles are wrapped and some are not, some are faded. The white tablecloth is stained in several places. The […]