Does this dust make my butt look fat…

Dust is a fact of life, and trying to keep up with dust is a major activity at my house. First, I have 2 cats in small space.  Second, I keep windows and the patio door open almost all the time when I am home. Third, I live on the street in a major city.  There […]

Decluttering …living in a state of order

Joshua Becker, of becoming minimalist, has written an easy read on decluttering. Whether you want to be a minimalist, or not, living in a “state of order” just sounds so comforting… The Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Home by JOSHUA BECKER “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be […]

Kitchen sink… sponge holders

Looking for the perfect kitchen sink sponge holder is like searching for the holy grail.  I’ve been on this quest for as long as I’ve been on my own in the kitchen. My mother and grandmother used dishrags, which I used for many years.  We just hung them over the facet when not in use. […]

The bathroom – private and public space…

                Usually, we think of our bathroom as our own private space. However, if you live in a one bathroom home, as I do, it is also a public space. Therefore, keeping a clean, presentable and functional bathroom is a must. Here’s my short list of dos: – […]

Spring cleaning finished…

The Great Spring Cleaning of 2011 is DONE.  This event was as much about taking stock of what I have as it was about cleaning.  When you clean EVERYTHING you own, you come to realize how much you have.  I never want to have more than I can keep clean and organized in a reasonable […]

Spring cleaning…part one

It started with a leak from the upstairs neighbor’s bathroom into mine…I pondered having to fix this for a couple of weeks. When an opening in my calendar appeared, I decided the only way to handle this was to repair the damage from the leak and combine that with a good old fashioned “spring cleaning”. So I […]