Family treasures or the tale of Hans and Inga, and Frederick and Greta, and Frederick and Inga, and Hans and Greta…

A long time ago, in a place far, far away…lived my Great Aunt and Uncle, who had a lovely home with beautiful things.  As they had no children, their beautiful things were looked upon as family treasures.  I remember sitting quietly on the plastic that covered the sofa (and just about every other surface in […]

Does this dust make my butt look fat…

Dust is a fact of life, and trying to keep up with dust is a major activity at my house. First, I have 2 cats in small space.  Second, I keep windows and the patio door open almost all the time when I am home. Third, I live on the street in a major city.  There […]

Chores…the more organized you are, the less time you spend doing them

The only way that I know of to keep a house neat and/or organized is do chores…daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  There is simply no way around it.  Either you do them or you pay someone to do them, or…you suffer the consequences of not doing them. Of course, not everyone cares how organized or neat […]

Organized living…how do you do it?

From our friends at Freshome, organized living is doable…I must say, I do adhere to most of these. 9 Habits of Highly Organized People  By Danica Rog August 30, 2016 in Cleaning & Organizing We all want to be a little bit more organized. What causes you stress on the outside – whether a long list of errands […]

It’s not always what you think it is that keeps you from being organized…

Have you ever walked into a house (maybe even yours…) and you couldn’t tell what room you were standing in? There’s a sofa and TV, but there’s also a desk and several computers, and there’s a dining table and 6 chairs, but there is also a library worth of books all over…what is this room? […]

Saving “stuff” for your children…

One of the most frustrating discussions I have with my clients is over saving stuff for children.  You name it, they want to hang on to it…even when the kids have made it perfectly clear that they don’t want it.This article from The Washington Post beautifully illustrates the issue:STUFF IT:  MILLENNIALS NIX THEIR PARENTS’ TREASURES by: […]

Whose bedroom is it anyway…

Whose bedroom is it anyway? I’ve blogged before about children “owning” houses, a new phenomenon I’ve been running into when conducting an organizing assessment. Every room of the home is inhabited by the children.  Toys, books, clothing and bikes-trikes-cars everywhere. No space is exempt, dining rooms/living rooms are total playrooms, and what use to be the most off-limits space […]

Personal clutter…can a woman live without a handbag?

I have now been living without a handbag/purse, or technically, without my backpack style handbag/purse, for more than a month.  And I have survived to tell the tale. I know that it sounds impossible, and that handbag designers all over the world have added me to their “worst enemy” list, and Anna Wintour has cancelled […]

Moving seniors…recognizing when it’s time to talk about moving

As a professional organizer who specializes in moving seniors, I get a lot of calls from the children of parents who have been aging in place in the “family home”.  But the big question is always, when is it time for our parents to move? Many children live a distance from their parents and only […]

Shopping…can we just stop shopping

As a professional organizer,I do approximately 25 new organizing consultations/assessments every year.  I’ve talked about organizing assessments/consultations in other posts, but basically, I meet with people who call me because the clutter in their house just isn’t working for them anymore.  Organizing assessments can be for just one room, or for an entire house. During […]