Shelf vs Drawer…when you need one or the other

This is a subject near and dear to me…partly because as a professional organizer it’s an organizing issue I am called upon to solve all the time, and partly because I recently discovered that I haven’t been applying the very principles I teach on this subject…how’d that happen??? I just met with a new client […]

Do the words “on sale” make you buy more?

It even happens to me – there I am standing at the register in the pet food store buying my 2 bags of cat food when the clerk says ” you know, this food is on sale…if you buy 3 bags you get a 4th bag FREE”. What am I suppose to do now? I […]

A good use of a basket in a bathroom…

Last week, I organized my East Bay client’s master closet and bathroom.  My clients are expecting their second child, and it has become an imperative that their house function as efficiently as possible.  With 2 children under the age of 5, they will need every extra minute they can get.  After we completed an organizing […]

How to organize…food storage containers

Last week I was organizing a chef’s newly renovated kitchen.  We spent a lot of time trying to find the most efficient way to store food and cooking utensils, especially the mountains of bulk food products for baking.   Her bulk food storage containers are all restaurant sized and round.  Like trying fit a round […]

How to organize…but we don’t have a pantry

Yes, I know…lots of kitchens don’t come with a formal pantry.  Organizing my client’s homes, I’ve had to create many a kitchen food pantry. Sometimes a closet or laundry area near the kitchen can be organized into a shared space to include a food pantry. Once in while, even part of a garage can be […]

How to organize…what’s in your pantry?

February is “Organize Your Pantry” month, at least according to me.  I decided this when I went to make chili and pulled out a can of tomatoes that expired in 09…in my own pantry, how is this possible? Those expiration dates often come as a surprise to my organizing clients as well. I can’t tell […]

Organizing kitchen drawers…

It’s perfectly okay to organize drawers in the kitchen as you would a pantry shelf. This kitchen has more drawers than cupboards and no pantry area at all. So using the drawers for food storage makes sense. To keep like items together and bags of grains from spilling, I used plastic containers as drawer dividers. […]

Organizing bathroom clutter…

Q: Help! My bathroom is a cluttered mess. Too many products and not enough space for them all. I am especially unhappy with the way the top of the toilet looks with stuff all over it. Can you offer any suggestions? A: Yes, I can! I have mentioned organizing bathrooms before, and how I deal […]

Stackable containers…

As a professional organizer, I absolutely love rectangular and square stackable storage containers. I use them for food, crafts and sewing items, bathroom supplies, herbs and spices, and my vitamins. These small containers came from The Container Store. These larger containers are OXO’s Pop Containers from Crate and Barrel.

My favorite food containers…

As the controversy over plastic food containers rages (hard plastics vs soft and microwaving in plastic), I use these Frigoverre glass containers for all my refrigerated food items, especially leftovers. I bought mine at Williams-Sonoma a couple of years ago, but you can find them at Whole Foods, The Container Store, and other stores found […]