One way not to leave things behind…declutter before you leave.

While for Americans, this title is going to be off-putting, it’s a subject that I deal with regularly…working with seniors and elders, everyone asks “who’s going to take care of all my stuff when I am gone?”.   The best possible answer is for YOU to declutter before you leave… The Case for Swedish Death Cleaning […]

The Give Back Box…

Now here’s a great idea… Amazon is participating in this program.  The Give Back Box…love it! Give Your Amazon Box New Life Amazon and Give Back Box® are working together to make donating easier for you. Using Give Back Box® you can donate items you no longer need to charity with ease and bring new life […]

Chores…the more organized you are, the less time you spend doing them

The only way that I know of to keep a house neat and/or organized is do chores…daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  There is simply no way around it.  Either you do them or you pay someone to do them, or…you suffer the consequences of not doing them. Of course, not everyone cares how organized or neat […]

Organized living…how do you do it?

From our friends at Freshome, organized living is doable…I must say, I do adhere to most of these. 9 Habits of Highly Organized People  By Danica Rog August 30, 2016 in Cleaning & Organizing We all want to be a little bit more organized. What causes you stress on the outside – whether a long list of errands […]

Prepping a home to sell…

It’s that time of year…along with March basketball madness comes the spring home sales market.  Home sellers are hard at work getting their homes to look their very best to entice those buyers. Even though you may be hiring a professional stager to stage your house, there is still a lot of work that has be […]

Saving “stuff” for your children…

One of the most frustrating discussions I have with my clients is over saving stuff for children.  You name it, they want to hang on to it…even when the kids have made it perfectly clear that they don’t want it.This article from The Washington Post beautifully illustrates the issue:STUFF IT:  MILLENNIALS NIX THEIR PARENTS’ TREASURES by: […]

Children will listen…organizing for your children

Recently, I held an organizing assessment with a wonderful couple in the East Bay, who have decided that enough is enough.  It is time to get the house decluttered and organized. I really enjoyed working with this couple because they fully realized that the reason they need to get organized is not just for them.  It’s also […]

Declutter the computer…is it worth it?

File this in the “seemed like a good idea at the time” folder:  Why not just declutter the computer…clear out old email and upgrade my operating system.  Should only take a couple of days of dedicated time… Day 37….still slogging through the muck and mire of old emails and outdated operating systems…it now appears that there will be no escape. […]

Shopping…can we just stop shopping

As a professional organizer,I do approximately 25 new organizing consultations/assessments every year.  I’ve talked about organizing assessments/consultations in other posts, but basically, I meet with people who call me because the clutter in their house just isn’t working for them anymore.  Organizing assessments can be for just one room, or for an entire house. During […]

An organizing assessment…learning to live with less than perfect

I recently did an “organizing assessment” for a family in the east bay.   Getting into the house, talking with the family, figuring out what the issues are and coming up with a plan to fix the clutter problems…once and for all…is how I start all my organizing jobs. As usually happens, when they called […]