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Organizing kitchens…solving the quirks of a new kitchen

I love absolutely love organizing kitchens.  I find that every kitchen has challenges and issues that need solving.  And these issues are not confined to just an older home with an older kitchen…even large, new, modern kitchens can throw a curve to a homeowner. What often happens is that the kitchen new owners think they […]

Women and their dishes…

By far, the toughest thing for my senior female clients to part with are their sets and sets of dish ware and china.  Oh my, how we love our dishes! Last year I assisted downsizing and moving a man whose wife had passed away. He was totally befuddled by the amount of dishes she had […]

Organizing tips…storing dishes

As I organize homes across the San Francisco bay area, I often find that people have multiple sets of dish ware and specialty serve ware, which they only use once or twice a year.  Cute mugs with snowmen for hot chocolate, plates with Santa and all the reindeer, large turkey platters, Passover dishes, etc. Unfortunately, […]