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It is possible to be too organized…

As a professional organizer, I perform a good number of “organizing assessments” every year, which I’ve talked about throughout my blog. Generally, I am going to homes of people who are struggling to get and stay organized.  But recently I did an assessment for someone who was exactly the opposite.  In fact, she may be […]

A small home office makeover…

Even a small home office can get a big benefit from some professional organizing.  In this case, my client was struggling with the position of the furniture, as well as knowing where things should go. First, we gathered all the papers, sorted them, and then created a file system.  The filing cabinets house active/current paperwork. […]

Please, make a will…

As a professional organizer in the Bay Area, I am often building filing systems for my clients.  Part of that project is determining where legal papers are being kept, and making suggestions on the best way to house those all important life papers.  I generally find the usual documents: passports, credit cards, old driver’s licenses […]

How to organize…paper organization

On a Saturday morning, I met with my Alameda client.  She was really worried about the piles of paper that were cluttering her desktop. “This is going to be horrible” were her exact words as we stepped into her home office. I told her not to panic and then we set about our work, paper […]

Your project or your life…

I’ve been working with an east bay Realtor, organizing and filing masses of paper clutter in her home office. She recently moved in a hurry, and in the process of moving everything she owned got tossed into boxes.  Needless to say, most of the stuff in the boxes was pitched when she really got to look at […]

How to organize…use broader headings when you file

I am currently working with a client to organize their home office files. They have a very busy and active life with several kids, a home business, pets and multiple homes.  Their “paper” life is quite full. Just to make things interesting, I am actually working with them to re-do a filing system installed a […]

How to organize… active files

Okay, so you cleaned out and organized your files.  You put the archived files in storage boxes and popped them into your neat and organized storage area.  Now what do you do with the files that are current/active? Remember that your most valuable real estate is that which is at your eye level. What you […]

Organizing Tips… filing

Paper filing can be very confusing. Often we just don’t know if we have to save something or not, so we end up putting it into a file and then, more often than not, we never look at it again. As a professional organizer, I recommend keeping filing as simple as possible.  Files have only […]

How to organize…clearing out files

At the beginning of each new year, I dedicate time to organize my home and office by clearing out the old, wherever I find it.  I usually start with my files. Admittedly, my files are not too cluttered.  But even I find that after a year of going in and out of drawers and searching for […]