Holiday decorating…advice from a decorator

My friend, interior designer Toni Berry, has written this great article on winter decorating… When the days are short make your rooms long on comfort and style.  Look to create rooms that drive out the chill. And if you haven’t finished decorating your home for the Holidays yet, here’s a few of my warm and cozy […]

Organizing tips…displaying collections

Ho! Ho! Ho!  One of my client’s favorite things is her collection of Department 56 “Christmas in the City” villages.  However, she dislikes the process of taking it all out of the boxes, clearing space on her dining table, and setting it all up.  Once it gets up, she has equal trouble taking it down […]

Welcome December with an Advent calendar…

I’ve loved advent calendars since my college days.  For years, I collected them, and finding wonderful European calendars with beautiful artwork was a fun way to start the holiday season.  But, I let all those paper calendars go for lack of space to keep them. So I am delighted to find that there are now […]

Organizing Tips…fun “tricks” for Halloween

I know, you wouldn’t think that Halloween would require organizing, but it surely does!  Here are my best tips, or tricks, for making sure all your ghosts and goblins are kept in order: Make sure all the candy corn is going in the same direction in the bowl. Make sure all the skeletons in the […]

Time to relax and celebrate…

This is my favorite 2 weeks of the entire year, the week before Christmas and the week before New Years.  A good time to hope that humans come to their senses, lay down their weapons and try to get a long… A good time to look back, and to plan for the future.  That’s what […]

Undeck the Halls: 7 Tips to Undecorate from the “Holidaze”

This holiday organizing article is so good, I have to share it…. visit Lori at clutterdiet for more of her great tips. Are you kidding me? Did the holidays just flash by? I can’t believe it’s all over. It’s time to “undecorate.” Here are some guidelines: Set a deadline. My husband is from Puerto Rico, […]

Organizing holiday chaos…

This time of year our lives are jammed packed with activities and events, which are all suppose to be fun. However, it’s not fun when our organizational systems are stretched beyond the breaking point and we can’t wait for the season to be over. If you’re heading toward overload, here are some tips to help […]

Surviving the holidays…try being organized

Q: Here we go again, another holiday season how do we ever stay organized at this time of year? A: The holidays are suppose to be a joyful time, but often we feel stressed and anxious over trying to keep up with it all. Give up “perfect” and accept that there is a certain amount […]