home office

letting the light in…

Last week I did some spring cleaning, which included my home office armoire.  When I opened my own home office desk drawer, something struck me like lightening…why am I staring into a black hole trying to find a paperclip? What does this mean?  It’s the difference between dark and light…when you open a drawer or […]

do not call…and other phone myths

Last week, I was with an elder client helping prepare for her upcoming move.  This woman’s phone must of rung 25 times during the few hours I was there.  Each time it rang, she had to run to the phone to see whose number was displayed on the screen, to determine whether or not she should risk answering […]

Home office redo…out of the dark and into the white

I believe that traditionally, we think of dark as masculine and light (especially white) as feminine.  And this is very true of the choices in office furniture and decor.  Each time I visit office furniture stores I am struck by the lack of color choices.  It seems that your choices are black, dark brown or […]

Home Office…reboot

Next week I have a couple of home offices to evaluate, so I am starting to gear up. Here are some ideas for organizing and streamlining your home office from Whitson Gordon at Life Hacker. Whether you work from home, in an office, or just a cubicle down the hall, you spend most of the […]

How to decorate open concept space…

Earlier this week, I spent 2 days working with a busy wife and mother in Marin.  With 2 young children to manage, organizing the house has not been a priority.  However, she has come to realize that if she utilizes the space she has better, she’ll gain efficiency and have a house that her family […]

A small home office makeover…

Even a small home office can get a big benefit from some professional organizing.  In this case, my client was struggling with the position of the furniture, as well as knowing where things should go. First, we gathered all the papers, sorted them, and then created a file system.  The filing cabinets house active/current paperwork. […]