Saving “stuff” for your children…

One of the most frustrating discussions I have with my clients is over saving stuff for children.  You name it, they want to hang on to it…even when the kids have made it perfectly clear that they don’t want it.This article from The Washington Post beautifully illustrates the issue:STUFF IT:  MILLENNIALS NIX THEIR PARENTS’ TREASURES by: […]

Children will listen…organizing for your children

Recently, I held an organizing assessment with a wonderful couple in the East Bay, who have decided that enough is enough.  It is time to get the house decluttered and organized. I really enjoyed working with this couple because they fully realized that the reason they need to get organized is not just for them.  It’s also […]

Whose bedroom is it anyway…

Whose bedroom is it anyway? I’ve blogged before about children “owning” houses, a new phenomenon I’ve been running into when conducting an organizing assessment. Every room of the home is inhabited by the children.  Toys, books, clothing and bikes-trikes-cars everywhere. No space is exempt, dining rooms/living rooms are total playrooms, and what use to be the most off-limits space […]

Back to School…it’s that time again

From Unclutterer…great post on getting kids back to school. Transitions can be difficult, especially if you’re really enjoying the thing you’re doing and you have to stop to do something that might not be as fun. I suspect that’s how some children feel as the end of summer draws near. It’s the signal that they […]

Organizing tips… kitchen storage for kids dishes

When you’ve got young children, you’ve got to be as efficient as possible in the kitchen.  Every second counts when you are trying to get breakfast on the table, make school lunches AND get yourself off to work? Here are a couple of ideas for kitchen storage that may help you out: Store the kids dishes […]

Homework, yours and theirs…

Here’s a great post from Aby Garvey, at Simplify 101 on organizing an area in the house just for homework. She took a lovely old cabinet, put it in the kitchen and converted it into “homework central”.  Some of her great tips are below:   Equip your homework station with essential supplies. Use your storage […]

Building a better lunch box…

School is back in session, and so is packing lunches.  My client’s are always trying to figure out how to make this less of a chore and more efficient an activity.  Not to mention the amount of space in the kitchen devoted to this exercise… drawers of ziplock bags in all sizes, insulated lunch packs […]


I don’t know about you, but as I grew up, my mother kept me busy after school and on weekends with chores. It was expected of my sister and I to “earn our keep” as mom and grandma used to constantly remind us. Every day before school our beds were made and our room was tidy, and […]