Painting and renovating…ta dah!

I am very pleased to tell you that after almost 2 months of living out of boxes, the painting and renovating is complete and we are now unpacked, organized, decorated and ready for the holidays.  I am so grateful that this process is over.  Yes, it was definitely worth it, but unless I win the […]

In Julia Child’s kitchen…

As one of the millions who loves Julia Child, this article on her famous Cambridge kitchen is a gem…of course, I am especially interested in how her kitchen was organized.  This article is long, but I have highlighted the discussion of how she and Paul Child went about making this iconic kitchen work for the […]

6 Dangerous kitchen and food safety issues to avoid…

As a professional organizer, I’ve organized several kitchens lately that have suffered from the same problem – unsafe food prep utensils or unsafe food conditions. And we’re not talking about kitchens that are not clean, we are talking about things that people just don’t notice or think of as a hazard in their kitchen. My […]

Looking for some organizing inspiration?

From Freshome, some organizing inspiration…every now and then I find some ingenious new organizing tools or ideas that inspire me to “think outside the plastic box”.  Pots, pans and lids are always a challenge, and god knows that shoes scattered all over the entry way are always driving people crazy. Best storage idea I have seen […]

Your new kitchen…organized

This week the All Things Home Organizing™  team had the pleasure of unpacking and organizing a family of five in their new Marin home.  Yes, moving is chaotic and sometimes stressful.  Especially if you have 3 young children who are off from school during your move.  But in just a day and half, we were […]

Organizing a kitchen…the secrets of a pro

One of my favorite things to do…unpacking and organizing a new kitchen on move-in day. Our clients are busy people, moving into a new loft condo.  They hired All Things Home Organizing™  to supervise the movers on moving day, assist with furniture placement, and unpack/organize the kitchen. The question I get asked all the time: […]

Organizing tips… how to load the dishwasher

  Being a professional organizer, this is embarrassing, but I am going with it anyway…I just figured out how to load my dishwasher. For years, I’ve been driven crazy by having to rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher every time I added something to a load. I know I can organize anything if I just […]

Do the words “on sale” make you buy more?

It even happens to me – there I am standing at the register in the pet food store buying my 2 bags of cat food when the clerk says ” you know, this food is on sale…if you buy 3 bags you get a 4th bag FREE”. What am I suppose to do now? I […]

Organizing tips… using turntables

The versatile turntable is one of my favorite organizing tools. Turntables work beautifully on high shelves. They also look great on a counter with utensil holders and/or bottles of your favorite cooking oils and spices. The double tables hold spices and flavorings in a pantry. You can also use them for decorating cakes or arranging […]

Organizing tips… kitchen storage for kids dishes

When you’ve got young children, you’ve got to be as efficient as possible in the kitchen.  Every second counts when you are trying to get breakfast on the table, make school lunches AND get yourself off to work? Here are a couple of ideas for kitchen storage that may help you out: Store the kids dishes […]