Martha Stewart

Get organized…easier said than done

I heard on the news that “getting organized”  is number 2 on the most often listed New Year’s Resolutions…right up there with losing weight (1) and saving money (3). So, at least I am organized and I can check that off my list.  By the end of today, I will have posted all my expenses […]

Organizing tips… Organize your home office day

I’ve now heard from a number of sources that Tuesday, March 13th is the official “Organize Your Home Office Day”.  I don’t know how this got started, but I suspect that Martha Stewart had something to do with it. Of course, I am all for it, I mean you know how I feel about the […]

Holiday decorating…advice from a decorator

My friend, interior designer Toni Berry, has written this great article on winter decorating… When the days are short make your rooms long on comfort and style.  Look to create rooms that drive out the chill. And if you haven’t finished decorating your home for the Holidays yet, here’s a few of my warm and cozy […]

Organizing Tips…fun “tricks” for Halloween

I know, you wouldn’t think that Halloween would require organizing, but it surely does!  Here are my best tips, or tricks, for making sure all your ghosts and goblins are kept in order: Make sure all the candy corn is going in the same direction in the bowl. Make sure all the skeletons in the […]

It’s a Martha Stewart moment…

As I’ve said before, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday…a day of thanks is a good thing. And speaking of good things…Martha Stewart has unveiled her new “mini” magazine for the IPAD.  It’s glorious!  Full of beautiful photos and interactive pages, including a panoramic view of her farm in Bedford.  This will be one of my […]