organizing assessment

It’s not always what you think it is that keeps you from being organized…

Have you ever walked into a house (maybe even yours…) and you couldn’t tell what room you were standing in? There’s a sofa and TV, but there’s also a desk and several computers, and there’s a dining table and 6 chairs, but there is also a library worth of books all over…what is this room? […]

It is possible to be too organized…

As a professional organizer, I perform a good number of “organizing assessments” every year, which I’ve talked about throughout my blog. Generally, I am going to homes of people who are struggling to get and stay organized.  But recently I did an assessment for someone who was exactly the opposite.  In fact, she may be […]

The guest room…everyone wants one

There’s one room in a lot of people’s homes that I just can’t figure out…the guest room.  Doing hundreds of organizing assessments, here’s what I have faced over the “guest room”: People will move because they don’t have one. People will buy a bigger house than they can afford to get one. People will use […]

Whose bedroom is it anyway…

Whose bedroom is it anyway? I’ve blogged before about children “owning” houses, a new phenomenon I’ve been running into when conducting an organizing assessment. Every room of the home is inhabited by the children.  Toys, books, clothing and bikes-trikes-cars everywhere. No space is exempt, dining rooms/living rooms are total playrooms, and what use to be the most off-limits space […]

Shopping…can we just stop shopping

As a professional organizer,I do approximately 25 new organizing consultations/assessments every year.  I’ve talked about organizing assessments/consultations in other posts, but basically, I meet with people who call me because the clutter in their house just isn’t working for them anymore.  Organizing assessments can be for just one room, or for an entire house. During […]

An organizing assessment…planning to get organized

After my last post I received a number of questions asking “what is an organizing assessment?” and “why do we need one?” Every professional organizer has their own way of starting a job.  Mine is doing an assessment of what is really going on in a house and then coming up with a complete plan for […]

An organizing assessment…learning to live with less than perfect

I recently did an “organizing assessment” for a family in the east bay.   Getting into the house, talking with the family, figuring out what the issues are and coming up with a plan to fix the clutter problems…once and for all…is how I start all my organizing jobs. As usually happens, when they called […]