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Home office organization …getting unstuck

Welcome to the new year!  I, for one, am very happy to see it. I’ve cleaned almost every inch of my little house, I entered all my 2013 receipts into Quicken and, most importantly, I worked on my own home office organization. Whenever I want to change the energy of my business, I find that […]

Counter clutter with dual use tools…

I am a fan of anything that helps cut down on counter clutter, and as you know, I love dual purpose items. This one caught my attention…from our friends at Knife block with integrated stand for iPad (or any other tablet) by PJ Doland on Aug 29, 2013 As someone who frequently uses an iPad in […]

Organizing kitchens…solving the quirks of a new kitchen

I love absolutely love organizing kitchens.  I find that every kitchen has challenges and issues that need solving.  And these issues are not confined to just an older home with an older kitchen…even large, new, modern kitchens can throw a curve to a homeowner. What often happens is that the kitchen new owners think they […]

Shelf vs Drawer…when you need one or the other

This is a subject near and dear to me…partly because as a professional organizer it’s an organizing issue I am called upon to solve all the time, and partly because I recently discovered that I haven’t been applying the very principles I teach on this subject…how’d that happen??? I just met with a new client […]

Do you know where your keys are?

It’s 7am, do you know where your keys are? How long does it take you find your cell phone or your wallet, especially when you are already running late? Have you ever driven half way to work and then remembered you left your lunch on the kitchen counter? Everyday our disorganization costs us precious minutes looking […]

A Berkeley garage organized…

Garage, the dictionary definition: a building or shed for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles.  Apparently, the dictionary editors do not live in California.  If they did, they would know that here, anything BUT a car is housed in a garage. Oh, the clutter I have seen in garages…   This is a garage in Berkeley that we […]

Your new kitchen…organized

This week the All Things Home Organizing™  team had the pleasure of unpacking and organizing a family of five in their new Marin home.  Yes, moving is chaotic and sometimes stressful.  Especially if you have 3 young children who are off from school during your move.  But in just a day and half, we were […]

Organizing tips… using turntables

The versatile turntable is one of my favorite organizing tools. Turntables work beautifully on high shelves. They also look great on a counter with utensil holders and/or bottles of your favorite cooking oils and spices. The double tables hold spices and flavorings in a pantry. You can also use them for decorating cakes or arranging […]

Organizing tips…shoes and shoe boxes

My Oakland client has a bit a of an issue with her shoes…too many and not enough closet space to store them all.  If you’re a woman with more shoes than space, here are some organizing tips: 1. Find common ground by sorting into categories by:  season, style, color, dress, casual, flat, heels, boots, athletic, […]

Kitchen pantry organization

As a bay area professional organizer, I get to work on a lot of kitchen pantries.  Pantry organization is one of my favorite things.  Every kitchen and pantry has its challenges, and it’s the opportunity to solve those issues for a family that is so exciting for me. Pantries often suffer from over crowding, lack […]