Who should do the packing…

Most people consider one of the most dreaded chores of moving to be packing.  It’s the call we get the most often, and it goes like this: “We thought we could pack ourselves, but the movers come tomorrow and we are no where near ready.” Clients tend to underestimate how much time it will take, and how many […]

The problem with moving…it’s inconvenient, for sure.

  I write this with a smile…actually, it’s a funny quirk of being human…we don’t like change, even when we initiate it, even when it’s the best thing to happen to us, and even when we know we will be happier in the end. As the moving season winds down, I’ll offer a last warning […]

Painting pain…all packed up with no place to go

Okay, so I am a couple of weeks into the chaos of attempting to repaint my condo, while living and working in it. There’s nothing like a big home painting project to make the work phone start ringing off the hook.  Taking on additional clients just adds to the fun of trying to get this […]

Getting ready to paint…

Yes, I know, my blogging has really slowed down, but I have good excuse…work has been very busy ,and I almost had to move out of my beloved condo.  However, I have decided to stay here, and as I am about half packed from the “almost moved”, I’ve decided that now is the time to […]

Moving Mom…a senior moves into her new Piedmont Gardens apartment

Last week my team had the pleasure of being hired to move an Oakland senior from her home of 40+ years in the hills, to Piedmont Gardens senior living community.  Even though she has a large family and friends to lend support, she decided that leaving the move to a professional organizer would allow everyone […]

A senior move…dealing with the stress

Moving is generally stressful for everyone, but seniors can be especially nervous facing a move. Such was the case last week, with a senior client in San Francisco, who was voluntarily moving, from the 3rd floor of her building, to the 1st floor – into an identical one bedroom apartment…how difficult could that really be? […]

Organizing a kosher kitchen…

Last week we had the privilege of packing, unpacking and organizing a new home for a Berkeley Rabbi and his family.  Our challenge was keeping their kitchen kosher .   Simply stated, a kosher kitchen requires the separation of all dairy cookery from meat.  Not only do the dishes have to be separated, but so do […]

The life in our heads…

I’m working with woman I’ve known for 30 plus years. We packed her up in September so that her house could be remodeled, and now we are unpacking and organizing the house. She promised that she would prune her mountains of “stuff”, but it seems impossible for her to give up much.  She is not […]

Moving crates…

Traditionally, most homeowners use cardboard boxes for packing their possessions. A growing trend in home moving is using plastic crates, just as businesses do when they pack their offices. Crates are reusable and offer more protection than cardboard. After unpacking, the crates are returned to the moving company. Check out Zippgo.

The best of intentions…

Recently one of my clients went through a bit of nightmare when some seemingly innocent actions lead to near disaster… In preparation for her move, we worked through the entire condo sorting what would be packed, what would be stored and what would go to donation. Donation items where inventoried, boxed and placed in an […]