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Decluttering cords …the tangled web they weave

We are decluttering cords with a client right now, who has a massive electronic cord problem…one of the worst cases of cord clutter I’ve seen in a residence.  As I write this, Teri is busy decluttering, untangling and taming the mess. In my own house, this professional organizer recently tacked a cord problem of my […]

Do you know where your keys are?

It’s 7am, do you know where your keys are? How long does it take you find your cell phone or your wallet, especially when you are already running late? Have you ever driven half way to work and then remembered you left your lunch on the kitchen counter? Everyday our disorganization costs us precious minutes looking […]

Flameless candles…the best thing since silk flowers!

Well, who would have thought that something as silly as a fake candle would get me so excited.  Those of you who follow me know that I have 2 cats.  Cats and candles do not mix well…to say the least. So I can’t tell you how excited I was to discover flameless candles – battery […]

True confessions…living minimally, not as easy as it sounds

As an Bay Area professional organizer,  I’ve worked really hard to “practice what I preach” and keep my household possessions  to a minimum. I live in a small condo with limited storage space.  Every year I go through it, top to bottom, to root out the stuff that has crept in. I made up my […]

The bathroom – private and public space…

                Usually, we think of our bathroom as our own private space. However, if you live in a one bathroom home, as I do, it is also a public space. Therefore, keeping a clean, presentable and functional bathroom is a must. Here’s my short list of dos: – […]

Winter whites…

After all the reds and greens of the holidays, I love to bring out the winter whites for January.  It reminds of the snowy January days of the mid-west.  It also fills my home with a peaceful and restful presence.  Perfect for starting a new year. A white fleece table runner covers the ottoman and […]

Staging a home for the season…

  A San Francisco Realtor called me today, and asked my advice on staging a house for sale during the holiday season. My suggestion is to stage for the time of year, not for a specific holiday. When you stage your home for sale you are creating an interesting but neutral palette. If it’s winter, […]

Life on the balcony…using artificial plants

My little condo has a little balcony, which I love.  Sitting outside on a Sunday afternoon, reading a new cookbook with a cat on my lap, is my idea of a good day.   Recently, I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my balcony decor. I have a nice small set of teak chairs and matching […]