renovate + remodel

Teaching an old kitchen some new tricks…

Can a professional organizer teach an old kitchen how to function more efficiently for a family waiting to remodel? I am happy to say, that yes, the All Things Home Organizing team recently rose to the challenge, and gave this old kitchen an organizing makeover that will hold off the remodeling for a bit longer. […]

Painting and renovating…ta dah!

I am very pleased to tell you that after almost 2 months of living out of boxes, the painting and renovating is complete and we are now unpacked, organized, decorated and ready for the holidays.  I am so grateful that this process is over.  Yes, it was definitely worth it, but unless I win the […]

Painting…carpet…and are we there yet?

Okay, here’s the short version: paint is done, place looks great carpet goes in tomorrow I have a bad cold AND flu! The computer gets unplugged tomorrow for the carpet install…my greatest fear, it doesn’t go on again…so in case this is it, I had a good time!

Paint color…tips for choosing new paint colors

Last week I threw in the towel on trying to choose NEW paint color for my condo on my own.  After spending days on the Benjamin Moore website, hours in the paint store, countless more hours holding those tiny paint chips up to the walls, and then buying a dozen cans of paint samples that […]

Painting pain…all packed up with no place to go

Okay, so I am a couple of weeks into the chaos of attempting to repaint my condo, while living and working in it. There’s nothing like a big home painting project to make the work phone start ringing off the hook.  Taking on additional clients just adds to the fun of trying to get this […]

Getting ready to paint…

Yes, I know, my blogging has really slowed down, but I have good excuse…work has been very busy ,and I almost had to move out of my beloved condo.  However, I have decided to stay here, and as I am about half packed from the “almost moved”, I’ve decided that now is the time to […]